Drugs for hypertensive crisis
What drugs can be taken to treat hypertensive crisis
Hypertensive crisis is a sharp rise in blood pressure, causing nausea, headache and other unpleasant symptoms.
Local intraventricular block
Plan Concept of heart block Classification of heart block Classification of heart block according to ICD 10 Atrioventricular block. Classification and ECG signs. - presentation
Features of the disease To understand how and for what reasons intraventricular block develops, it is important to understand
When can you drive a car after a heart attack?
Carrying out heart surgery is a strict contraindication to smoking. Smoking leads to a decrease in supply
Mitral valve prolapse 1st degree: symptoms and treatment
Regurgitation - this term is often found in the professional life of doctors of various specialties, for example, therapists,
ECG Basics - Hampton J.R. - Educational and practical guide
How the study of electrocardiography is structured on the website In the “Textbook - simulator” section in the form of lessons
Aortic ischemia treatment - All about hypertension
main stream in the abdominal aorta what is it
What is the aorta? The aorta is the largest vessel in the human body that carries blood
Lisinopril (Analogues and Characteristics)
Pharmacological action Manufacturer: ALSI-pharma, Pranapharm, VERTEKS, Ozone, Russia Release form: tablets Active ingredient: Lisinopril
Automaticity of the heart. Nervous and humoral regulation
BIOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT OF THE CENTER OF TEACHING EXCELLENCE Author of the article Zybina A.M. The heart is a pump that provides
Heart examination. Cardiological diagnostics
Study of the heart and blood vessels 24,000–37,000 rubles Cardiologists of the Stolitsa network of clinics for
Acute coronary syndrome: diagnosis and emergency care
5 / 5 (3 votes) The article talks about a complex of heart diseases,
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